NEW TAKE ON LOW CARB DIETING -Anything worth doing is hard – WRONG!



I purchased this book for my mom and my aunt who are looking to lose weight. One is an Aries and one is a Gemini and they are both so impatient and ready to throw in the towel if they do not see results. My aunt also will always pose they question, “Why will this work, why should I bother?”

What really struck me in reading the introduction was the ‘voice’, the passion of the authors and their conviction comes through powerfully. This is a diet developed my a mom and daughter and which has worked for two different generations with different lifestyles and routines. As mentioned in the intro, so many diets fail..why? Perhaps because each diet holds a piece of the puzzle, but to bring the pieces together in a hybrid diet can be so much more effective.

What is great about this diet is you don’t feel as if you are about to trek across the Antarctic – you focus on the first three days, then then next two weeks, then the 3rd and 4th week and that way you feel achievement and control without staring into the distance thinking you will never get where you are going. The pounds fall off without extra hours in the kitchen, going hungry or keeping detailed food diaries.

This is not just a diet book, it’s teaching me how to revolutionise my health with organic food and a move away from carbs and anything GM, pre-prepared or dowsed in pesticide. The best of Paleo without excessive protein. There is extensive research in this book and it is highly scientific.

There are detailed lists of which nuts, beverages, fish, veg, fruits etc to incorporate and I loved the spice section which suggests what spice to use with which food. There are also exhaustive lists of what to avoid. The section on vitamins and which health issues are caused by which vitamin deficiency is very helpful.

Loads of delicious and easy recipes: asparagus omelette, zucchini noodles, sausage patties and guess what you can still have coffee with cream and a BLT sami.

Really worth every penny. Detailed and well researched, there are meal plans, shopping lists, charts and recipes – you just cannot go wrong or hungry with this diet.

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