Great book about the 60’s band – THE MONKEES

From LA, Manchester, Houston and DC we have……THE MONKEES!!! 




Music has always been a huge part of my life and although I am a 70’s chic, I can vividly recall my folks playing The Monkees as we travelled off down to Durban for the holidays. Childhood memories and the special times, emotions and people they evoke never fade. That is why I purchased this book.

The Monkees were big in South Africa especially “Daydream Believer” and “I’m a Believer”. However as a music fan you see all the gloss and the hoopla, the part of the music biz that woos so many youngster to X factor auditions, but what is more interesting is what goes on behind the scenes ie the economics, the politics and the personal dynamics. The sheer hard work, artistic control issues, personal differences, money hungry managers…it’s all there.

This book is a well written engaging account of the creation of the Monkees and their often rocky journey on the choppy seas of stardom. A must read for all music fans and wannabes. The manufactured boy band is nothing new and bands were pre-fab’ed long before Simon Cowell came on the scene. This book gives a real insight into what actually goes into making a band a hit and how unglamorous and exhausting it is, how musicians are at the mercy of the industry big wigs and the toll it can all take on your personal life.

I see the author has also written books on Billy Joel, The Eagles, The Boss and Neil Diamond. I will certainly look these up and buy.

Where’s the book on Queen? I’m waiting….

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