Partnerships are a key area this period: you may work with your relationship partner on a project together or you may team up with a friend in order to start a business or begin a community project.  Working with someone can be a very quick way to tap into skills you do not have and do not have time to acquire, you of course will lend your skills to the venture which can be very successful. This venture must be well defined in terms of goals and what each of you is going to contribute.  You should set a tight timeline for the first phase so that you can test the other person’s commitment.

Effective communication is key during the solar eclipse in late April and so is juggling priorities during the whirlwind of activity created by the eclipse.  Get your ideas out there: there is value and money to be made from spreading your expertise and you can achieve a strong sense of satisfaction from teaching and articulating ideas.   The solar eclipse is very mentally stimulating for you and so if you write, entertain or are learning or researching this is a very productive and exciting time.  Any effort put into communicating ideas will pay dividends.



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