What’s in Store this Spring for TAURUS


With relationships running more smoothly, it is to work, health and fitness your mind turns.  You need more organisation and more consistency in these fields instead of bursts of discipline and then major fall off the wagons.  You have had phases of intense work, then you have thrown yourself at the treadmill and downed a ultra-healthy smoothy followed by a cigarette and a sickie – maybe not literally OK – but your work- life balance is totally out of balance and you need to address this and to have a more realistic approach to these things.  Excesses of work and exercise can do more damage than good and you need to reduce the extremes in your life.  Taurus is a sign prone to extremes, but unlike Scorpio who thrive on extremes, Taurus do not. 

The solar eclipse in Taurus on April 28 will encourage you to be mindful of your personal development which means growth, confidence and self-image.  Taureans are very strong minded, but you do need to be more aware of your weaknesses, not in a PLOM (ie Poor Little Old Me) way, but in a realistic way, so that you can work on them. Think about your strengths and which traits let you down in life: think about how you can control those more troublesome traits.


The self-doubt you may feel as part of the eclipse is just a call to be more aware of how others perceive you – life is a game after all and we all need to have a think about how we can play the game of life better. The Eclipse’s influence can help you identify or rediscover talents and attributes you can make more use of or develop to your advantage.  Self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-enrichment lead to an expansion of personal horizons for those who embrace Solar Eclipse energies. Arrogance, self -satisfaction and resistance to any form of change in attitude will mean a continuance of the negative and unproductive aspects of your life. 

For more on love, relationships and career for all the 12 SIGNS check out: HOROSCOPE 2014 by Lisa Lazuli


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