What’s in Store for Aries this spring???



Aries are making some grand plans for the future.  It’s the end of winter (in the NH of course) and time to look ahead.  You are filled with a vision of where you would like to be and the passion to begin making those changes.  Your leadership ability is in full swing and you are ready to persuade others and set the ball rolling.  This is the time when you will feel the impetus get going on things which have hovered in the back of your mind just waiting for the right time.  More haste less speed is the motto and you should not become angry when things do not flow; keep in mind that many of your goals are long term and need consistent effort not overnight miracles.

The solar eclipse on April 28 will throw the spotlight on the spiritual side of your life: meaning and soul-growth.  Aries are a sign to whom faith matters, whatever faith means to the individual and this May, you will be increasingly aware of the inter connectedness of your physical and spiritual nature.  A prayer answered, a dream that is prophetic or a strange coincidence – all these things may be factors in increasing the amount of importance you place on the non-mundane or non-physical side of life.  Faith in the universe, God, Jesus, Allah, Nature – whichever vessel you prefer – will be vital to how you cope and grow this period.

Do not allow fears and feelings which you are repressing to make you evasive and secretive.  Your secretive and deceptive side is actually more transparent during the eclipse and so even if you feel you must keep something secret or hidden or silent – don’t.  Speak about it, let it out, and lay it on the table.  Correct something rather than conceal it.

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