TOO SHOCKING and MORBID! Are Charity Adverts going too far to get our attention?

Are there just too many Charity Ads?

On Sky News you are warned if the news clip contains disturbing or distressing content and yet ads for Charity Organisations are becoming increasingly harrowing at a time in the evening when you are trying to relax and de-stress.


One shocking one which ran recently was of an impoverished woman giving birth in horrible conditions while crying out – it was very troubling and I had to endure it over and over. Since the recession of ’08 it seems that charities are one of the main advertisers on SKY NEWS, so if we are not hearing about the high odds of getting cancer, it’s pictures of children with leukaemia, children in Africa in tremendous pain or some other depressingly graphic content. My point it there is TOO much of it: every ad break, there is more than one charity ad which seem to get more and more unpleasant to get our attention.

Life can be stressful and many of us suffer anxiety and depression especially in winter, when the weather is bad – ads are now saturated with this depressing content. I already donate to charities – I only wish I could opt out of these ads, as it is all I can do is reach for the remote control and swop channels. I find it really depressing being told that either I or someone I love have a 33% chance of cancer over and over – who needs that of an evening or at an time.


What’s more is the amount of money going into these ads makes me think that if I donate I’ll be sponsoring SkyNews rather than a sick/impoverished child.

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