Love and Relationships for the EARTH SIGNS – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in February

  Capricorn are less sure footed in love and romantic relationships.  You are plagued by a feeling of vulnerability and for that reason are more reticent about displaying your own emotions.  You may come across as withdrawn or sulky.  It is important to re- examine your emotional needs and the level of trust in your relationship. Why are you not as trusting as you could be?  Communication can easily destroy these barriers and help you regain confidence in your relationships.  Single Capricorns are more likely to crave sexual gratification rather than emotional closeness and so relationships that start up may not last long.  There may be conflict between your family and your partner and you may have to have a secret relationship or live with the disapproval.

Taurus: A philosophical side to your thinking this period will enhance your love relationships, making you more inclined to see the irritating things that usually make you ratty in a larger context.  Companionship and continuity are what Taurus value most and keeping sight of this will help you to make more sense of why you take what you do in love.  You are the bigger person.  New relationships will have to have potential for the Taurus to even consider and the Taurean flirting should never be misunderstood for  flippancy when it comes to matters of the heart.

Virgos will develop a new level of awareness about the underlying mechanisms in their relationships and with this cold light of day insight you may realise that subtle things have lead you to drift further away from your loved one – Virgos have a huge degree of self-honesty and will rarely lie to themselves or others about how they feel, thus Virgos may call time on relationships or may initiate some deep conversations about how to put things right and how to pull together again.

Single Virgo will have an epiphany about what they really want in relationships and with this new perspective it will be far easier to open the romantic doors and make more fruitful forays into the world of dating.

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