What can Virgo expect from Jan- March 2014




Virgo can feel the sands beneath their feet shifting and you guys are restless for change and yet not quite ready to make changes.  It is true, a change is as good as a holiday and one often underestimates how stale our lives can become over time, we get into a rut and often we become a slave to the routines of that rut.  It is time to strip away illusions about how things should be and look at the bare facts about how things actually are, self-honesty and inner wisdom will be your guide to making a strategy for change which will really make a difference to your motivation and day to day life.  Change is an agent at work in so many facets of life: place, time, people, space, the way your organise, the way you communicate the way your allocate time.  Look at all these areas and you will see how much scope there is for change.


Virgos will develop a new level of awareness about the underlying mechanisms in their relationships and with this cold light of day insight you may realise that subtle things have lead you to drift further away from your loved one – Virgos have a huge degree of self-honesty and will rarely lie to themselves or others about how they feel, thus Virgos may call time on relationships or may initiate some deep conversations about how to put things right and how to pull together again.

Single Virgo will have an epiphany about what they really want in relationships and with this new perspective it will be far easier to open the romantic doors and make more fruitful forays into the world of dating.


Virgo are more aware of office politics and the underlying motivations of colleagues this month and that will have a direct impact on how you work and how you communicate in the work situation.  Competitiveness amongst colleagues for promotions is far hotter than you were aware of and you need to keep your own ambitions private.  Play your cards close to your chest work-wise and keep things need to know as far as your employer goes.  For those in their own business, you must be more aggressive about pushing forward and promoting your services: do not hold back and don’t be afraid to approach new clients direct – more business may be just a call away.

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