How is 2014 Starting off for TAURUS




January is very busy and stressful. Keeping abreast of everything you have to do, remembering the details and making all the right moves will be a challenge.  Keep notes, keep a diary and do everything in advance.  Misunderstandings can result from sloppy communication; do not assume that those close to you know what you mean – make it clear. Generally you are feeling positive and optimistic about the future and you will have insight into constructive ways to overcome difficulties that arise.  Self-confidence and an ability to knuckle down and work consistently will mean that you keep your goals insight throughout the first part of this year, making firm progress.

Always the first to help, you will be generous to others and display kindness and advise to friends and family who need it – you will always find time to lend an ear.



A philosophical side to your thinking this period will enhance your love relationships, making you more inclined to see the irritating things that usually make you ratty in a larger context.  Companionship and continuity are what Taurus value most and keeping sight of this will help you to make more sense of why you take what you do in love.  You are the bigger person.  New relationships will have to have potential for the Taurus to even consider and the Taurean flirting should never be misunderstood for flippancy when it comes to matters of the heart.



Dealing with clients can be tricky and you will need perfection and attention to detail in order to offset possible pitfalls.  Clients will be exacting and so you cannot miss deadlines or fall short in any respect.  For Taureans who work for big companies there may be travel and definitely training in new techniques, not really technical skills but people skills.  Networking and looking for new markets in different geographical areas is key.  It’s a busy time at work and so take the lead in matters and do not wait for others to do what you can get done.  This is an ideal time to re-organise your business or even your desk/workspace to become more efficient. You have little time for the workshy and may lose your temper with people who are not carrying their weight.

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