So what does 2014 hold for Capricorn?   Horoscope 2014 holds the answers! 


The year kicks off with a bang of new ideas and proactive outreaching to people and networks.  Full of initiative you are happy that the New Year has started as you sense that this is a year where you can really create change and positive opportunities for yourself. Family relations are congenial and fostering a comfort and security which enable you to fight battles out in the world with added confidence. By fighting battles, I mean competition and getting one over on your opponents both in work and business.  You will have the gusto to go that bit further than you usually do.  With mental agility and a sharp mind for business your decisions are astute.  While you are very pragmatic, you are not emotional and so you will have to make an extra effort to be patient with those close to you who are in a more emotionally charged frame of mind.



Capricorn are less sure footed in love and romantic relationships.  You are plagued by a feeling of vulnerability and for that reason are more reticent about displaying your own emotions.  You may come across as withdrawn or sulky.  It is important to re- examine your emotional needs and the level of trust in your relationship. Why are you not as trusting as you could be?  Communication can easily destroy these barriers and help you regain confidence in your relationships.  Single Capricorns are more likely to crave sexual gratification rather than emotional closeness and so relationships that start up may not last long.  There may be conflict between your family and your partner and you may have to have a secret relationship or live with the disapproval.



Promotional initiative and hospitality are key areas in work in January to create a positive image for your company.  Drives to win clients and improve your public image are positive ways to increase business.  You will work with some new people who can bring a wealth of creative new ideas to the office routine.  It is a good time to recruit or use a consultant especially in creative, image and public relations areas.  Team building and helping staff to know each other better are valuable activities if you run a company.  Client focus and communication are vital.  In Feb and March working with people will provide a tough challenge and priorities and the way of doing things may clash.  Disputes with clients or business partners may drag on and on in a most unproductive way.

Capricorns are best working alone at this time and unemployed Capricorns should not look to go into a partnership at this stage.

Leave extra time on journeys as Mercury goes retrograde from the 22nd Jan to the 7th of Feb and so take nothing for granted as snail mail may not arrive, messages may not be received and misunderstandings may arise and so follow everything up and assume nothing.


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