HOROSCOPES 2014 – Astrologer Lisa Lazuli reveals


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Capricorns like to plan and dislike being taken by surprise; you guys like to be the boss and you are decidedly uneasy when life is calling the shots.  This is a year where more than ever you can take the reigns and make powerful and lasting changes to the direction of your life, but you need to be flexible and alert as there will be storms which build up suddenly and threaten to change your course.

AQUARIUS Definitely a sexy year when passions will flare and where your own actions may surprise you.  I am not only talking about bedroom sexy, I am talking about reawakened passions that may or may not be carnal in nature.  Aquarians are seekers: they seek to understand human nature and the nature of life and this year you are not simply undertaking that seeking laboratory style from a distance, you are immersing yourself in close and personal relationships and deeply personal projects.

PISCES 2014 will be a far more productive year where you will feel that you have made concrete steps towards both making progress and implementing change in the projects and areas of life you desire.  Your optimism and energy will both carry you through and your obvious enthusiasm will win you support and help inspire those around you.  Pisces are not leaders in that you find it hard to give orders, however you do lead in a different way via your vision, insight and passion for what you do.

ARIES 2014 is marked by an enormous electrical thunderstorm of activity in your life.  You are at the starting blocks screaming for the gun to be fired.  Aries are known for their energy, motivation and the gusto with which they tackle life and this year will be a case in point.When it comes to winning friends and influencing people: the latter is in the bag although the former may need some attention.  But winning friends is not what Aries are all about in 2014; it’s more to do with getting where you want to go in a hurry and making some far reaching changes to revolutionise your life.

TAURUS Vibrant, magnetic, focused and ready to take things on.  Taureans suffer from inertia more than any other sign and dislike change, but 2014 is a year when they will see opportunities to make changes in a slow and steady fashion that will improve their home life and their work and future prospects.  Changes will occur within your structures of security and are thus enjoyable rather than stressful.  These changes will flow and not provide the kind of disruption you so dislike.

GEMINI  Gemini are taking the proactive, go getting attitude from last year into 2014.  Gemini often scatter energy and tend to lack focus, but from the end of 2013 and into 2014 the drive to tackle life, improve efficiency and  jump into the things which usually you don’t have the courage to tackle is yours.  You are competitive and will take action to get your life on track.  Finishing jobs, speeding up your routines and making your life run more smoothly is your aim.

CANCER Cancer are approaching 2014 filled with ideas and very mentally motivated.  Cancer are at a crossroads and they can feel themselves being pulled in several different directions at once.  Coping with this means taking a massive amount of information on board.  Life is changing quickly and Cancer do not have much choice about some of these changes, so learning new skills, meeting new people and possibly even learning a new language may be part of the whole new world that you find yourself in.  

LEO As 2013 went on things began to reach crunch point in many aspects of your life; decisions were called for and it was a make or break time. Often we continue with certain things as we are ok with them or we do not have the heart to call time on them and start something new.  In 2014 situations will come to a head and demand that you either put in far more effort and time to make them work or you make the tough decision that no amount of time is worth it and you end it.  

VIRGO This is a year of building bridges and forging new relationships which can prove mutually helpful from a love, business and personal level.  Virgos are very practically minded and able to put aside differences which may hinder them in favour of moving things forward.  You may be called on to be the go between and while being piggy in the middle can be uncomfortable your pragmatic approach is very solution orientated and will help resolve many conflicts.

LIBRA  As a cardinal sign Libra like challenges and are quite happy for their lives to be dynamic and ever changing, but you guys need those changes to be organised, harmonious and systematic and you want to be in control of them.  Hence stems the problem for you in 2014: life will contain some surprises and some disruptive changes that you did not expect or account for.  Do not over stretch yourself financially in early 2014 as you will want to maintain flexibility.

SCORPIO Scorpios are loners and they prefer solo quests and their own company a large proportion of the time and of course they shun the social whirl to surround themselves with a few select and trusted friends.  This year however Scorpio can achieve more when connecting with others in a common goal – this can bring out a new side of you and help you to achieve your private aims at the same time.  There is also an indication that contact with an influential male or authority figure could provide an opportunity for both growth and career advancement.  

SAGITTARIUS Life is always so busy, but we have to recognise when we are in a relatively settled patch and take advantage.  2014 is a window of opportunity for Sagittarians to whip out the bucket list and check up on all those things you have wanted to do but have never had time to do.  In a way it is a time to look back and perhaps finish things you started with good intentions but which got dropped in a flurry of more pressing activity.  It is also a time to look forward and start laying down plans for the things which would enhance your life and bring you more fulfilment.      To Buy the book click hereImage

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