HOROSCOPE 2014 – Astrologer Lisa Lazuli releases book of horoscopes.




Are you pleased to see the back of 2013 or does it hold special memories?

However you feel about the past year, one thing is for sure – it’s on its last legs and 2014 is all that counts.

If you love astrology and have an eye on what the future holds, this kindle book is for you:

BBC Radio Astrologer Lisa Lazuli reveals all about 2014 in her book:

HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology and Numerology Horoscopes

What will those planets be up to?  What are the opportunities at work, in love and for our own development?  How can we use the energies of the universe to turn our lives around?


Lisa Lazuli was a regular astrologer on BBC local radio for many years before turning attention to writing. Her kindle book HOROSCOPE 2014: Astrology and Numerology Horoscopes is available at buy right now on amazon.  


If you are used to newspaper horoscopes, you are in for a pleasant surprise, as Lazuli’s forecasts are no nonsense, down to earth and all encompassing; written in her chatty style it feels like you sitting with her having a reading.


How about some spoilers to wet you appetite:


Capricorn: “New relationships will form which are more exciting and more fulfilling on a deeper level – thus relationship-wise this is a significant year for those who are single and those who are in dead end relationships.”



Pisces: “You are feeling sexually attractive and pro-active. Existing relationships will have to gear up to satisfy your needs and so partners of Pisces take note…it’s no longer just a weekend thing OK!”


Sagittarius: “You have swept some things under the carpet and put up with others and now it is time for a long rational talk when you are both calm, to lay down some new relationship guidelines.  .”


Leo: “If you are a single Leo and have your eye on someone you will patiently work your way into their heart and will be more than happy to do practical things to help them out, yes you are very chivalrous at this time.”


Aries: “Superficial relationships with no deeper connection and where there is no mystery, no pain and no awakening of the soul will suffer as a part of the Aries is craving the feeling of an ethereal, surreal connection, something beyond Valentine roses, chocolates and a shag..”


Libra: “For relationships that have been in difficulty this year could be a turning point where you either separate or where things turn the corner.  Whichever way listen to your gut and assume nothing.”


Taurus: “Since Taureans have pressure in many aspects of life, the last place they need it is in relationships and so supportive partners who understand where you are at are better than the finest wine and perfume.”


Scorpio: “People will look to you for advice more than ever due to your keen insight and inner self-assurance.  Your balance of wisdom and keen perception will mean that you get some key decisions bang on – woe betide those who ignore your advice or go against you.”


Aquarius: “Definitely a sexy year when passions will flare and where your own actions may surprise you.  I am not only talking about bedroom sexy, I am talking about reawakened passions that may or may not be carnal in nature.”


Gemini: “Gemini like change and are notoriously fickle in relationships and friendships, but this year it is stability, security and depth that you are craving in all your close one to one contacts.  Marriage is certainly a possibility.” 


Cancer: “Communication and keeping your partner informed about where you are at emotionally and how you are doing and coping can certainly help you both navigate this time of change.”


Virgo: “The best way to tackle problems this year with people especially, is not head on.  You should play your cards close to your chest and keep your true motivations to yourself until the last minute.” 



Each chapter begins with a detailed yearly overview followed by a quarterly forecast broken down into general, love and work.


There is a focus on life trends and personal growth rather than an ‘X Factor’ style of horoscope where love, money and success appear to be around every corner.


For more info  click here


You can join Lisa Lazuli on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-Lazuli-Astrologer/192000594298158


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